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Passport Requirement

Proof of Identity

Accepted forms of Primary and Secondary IDs are listed below. Make sure photocopies are very clear.

Submit either:
Primary ID issued more than 6 months ago (photocopy).
OR If Primary ID has been issued within the last 6 months or was issued out of state, you must provide photocopies of 1 Primary ID and 5 Secondary IDs.

Primary ID

  • State Driver's License must be valid and issued at least six months ago.
  • Federal, State or Municipal identification card with photo.
  • INS Alien Registration Card (Green Card)
  • Military ID with photo
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Secondary ID

Most Popular
  • State Driver's License (expired or suspended in-state license or valid out-of-state license)
  • Passport with Photo (expired ok, foreign or US)
  • Social Security Card
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  • Student identification card with photo (expired ok)
  • Copy of school yearbook page showing photograph with name
  • School transcript
  • High School Diploma
  • Trade School Diploma
  • College or University Diploma
  • Technical School Certificate
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  • Military Records (DD214) / Honorable Discharge Certificate
  • Selective Service Registration / Classification
Professional Services
  • Union Membership
  • Professional License (Nurse, Pilot, Beautician, Mechanic, etc.)
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  • Medicare or Health Insurance Cards
  • Medical Records
  • Welfare Card
  • Insurance Cards
  • Insurance Records
  • Birth Certificates of children listing your
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  • Voter’s Registration Card
  • Income Tax Records and/or W-2 Forms over 1 year, Pay Stubs, Banking Statements and/or records over 1 year

Financial & Personal

  • Marriage Certificates and Licenses
  • Divorce Decree
  • Credit Cards (For security, cross out account number)
  • Utility Bills over 1 year
  • Leasing/Mortgage
  • Vehicle Registration or Title
  • Newspaper Articles or Publicity Features about you
  • Employment Identification Card with Photo
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